Why cTrader ID
improves your trading experience?

Email Alerts

Be always informed about changes on your trading account.

Cloud Workspaces

Installed new cTrader? Load your favorite workspaces from the cloud.


Be in touch with other traders to get more ideas and win the market together.

Other cool stuff

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Benefits of having cTrader ID

All in one. Nothing
to forget.

Single secured portfolio for all
your accounts, workspaces,
favorites, etc. in a Cloud.

Open door to multi‐
platform Social Trading.

You can use cTrader ID to manage
your accounts with native
Spotware and third-party Social
Trading platforms.

Easy to promote your
trading strategy.

Publish your trading performance
with well known online services
like MyFXBook, FxBlue (former MT4i)
and others.

Membership in cTDN
developers community.

Access to trading robots, additional
Indicators base. Connect with
people who specialize on auto‐
trading strategies.